The interrupted sleep is bad for your health


Rest is good. The human body to function at its best, it needs at least eight hours continuous of sleep (even more in children). And although there are people who swear they sit very well with less sleep or in spite of the “midnight snack”, is actually a false sense. The body comes out, stressed.

In some families, is because the baby cries at night, nightmares and other strange noises stop because the rest, others have thoughts, anxieties and nervousness to ensure that you wake up several times during the night. In summer, the problem may be the heat or the mosquito damn ear! All causes that disturb our sleep and make us, when awake, irritable, inattentive, tired, stressed.

The only solution is to try to sleep as long as possible and continuously. So, we put the screens in the windows, the air condition running and try to solve all the problems (work, family …) before going to sleep. If not make it right, take a nice soothing chamomile, so at least give us the feeling of relaxation needed to fall asleep quickly. If you have a baby, there is little you can do … you will have to wait for night to rectify its rhythms. But the waiting time of the child, try to catch up on sleep lost at night during the afternoon. A healthy time for “siesta” be able to recharge your energy and ease stress.

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