New vaccine for prostate cancer


And international team of experts who wants a vaccine to fight prostate cancer without damaging surrounding tissues. The vaccine for the moment has only been tested on mice but the results can be seen in a few years you can get to human trials.

The expert team consists of scientists from the University of Leeds and by the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. Their study was recently published in “Nature Medicine“. According to experts, the vaccine would not only tested against prostate cancer, but also to treat cancers of the breast, pancreas and lung. All this has already begun to illness and not as a preventive vaccine.

The therapeutic vaccine is therefore to be recognized by the immune system proteins called “antigens”. As stated by Richard Vile, head of the team in Minnesota, “The immune system is believed to have been attacked by the virus, which expresses antigens related to cancer that must be eliminated” and the result is an immune reaction against tumor cells.

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